Minesweeper React Redux Screencast Tutorial - Part 6-10

Looking for the game? Play It Here!

More Minesweeper built in React/Redux Screencasts - the journey continues!

As I mentioned in Part 1-5, a React/Redux version of Minesweeper is something I wanted to flush out. Creating these screencasts took longer than expected. They are very rough as I’m more or less live coding. Feel free to jump around to the parts you are most interested in and follow along with the source code.

React Redux Minesweeper Part 6 - Building actions in Reducers for opening a cell and flagging a cell.

You can view all the source code for this project github @ monkseal/minesweeper-react-redux

Here’s are parts 7-10, or visit the kenglish.co You Tube Channel

React Redux Minesweeper Part 7 - Dispatching actions to the Reducers for opening and flagging cells

React Redux Minesweeper Part 8 - Reducer logic to open cells with no counts (openAround function)

React Redux Minesweeper Part 9 - Deriving won/lost state from the state of the board with TDD.

React Redux Minesweeper Part 10 - Update components and containers to show Won/Lost in UI, begin refactoring the RESET_BOARD action

Finally, again I’d like to give special thanks to React-MineSweeper as I borrowed the CSS and image from that project.