Minesweeper React Redux Screencast Tutorial - Parts 11-14

Looking for the game? Play It Here!

Final Episodes of my React/Redux Minesweeper Screencasts!

These are the final and maybe most interesting episodes of me live-coding a React/Redux version of Minesweeper. You can also checkout Part 1-5 and Part 6-10. These episodes aren’t as rough as I have improved my editing of the vidoes. You can also see the final source code.

React Redux Minesweeper Part 11 - Wiring up RESET_BOARD action to the game interface and building a GameMenu jsx/container pair.

Scroll down to see episodes 12-14. You can view all the source code for this project github @ monkseal/minesweeper-react-redux

Or checkout the kenglish.co You Tube Channel

React Redux Minesweeper Part 12 - Building function to generate random mine locations

React Redux Minesweeper Part 13 - Deriving current level from the state and final polishes to GameMenu component

React Redux Minesweeper Part 14 - Final feature: Game Timer via component state.

Finally, as mentioned in the other 2 articles, special thanks to React-MineSweeper. I borrowed the CSS and image from that project.