Minesweeper React Redux Screencast Tutorial - Part 1-5

Looking for the game? Play It Here!

I created my first Screencast!

I have wanted to build Minesweeper with React/Redux for a while now. I decided to document it and live code it but explain what I was doing on a screencast. It is very rough but I hope somebody will enjoy it and see how I like to approach React/Redux.

React Redux Minesweeper Part 1 - Setting up the project

Scroll down to see the next 4 episodes. I’ll be releasing the next 5 sometime in the next week.

If I have time, I will do a few blog articles on some of the strategies I used for building and testing this code. You can find the source on github @ monkseal/minesweeper-react-redux

Also, special thanks to React-MineSweeper as I borrowed CSS and images from that project but I tried to keep the logic as pure Redux as I could.

Here’s are parts 2-5, or visit the kenglish.co You Tube Channel

React Redux Minesweeper Part 2 - Building the Reducers

React Redux Minesweeper Part 3 - Getting started with the UI

React Redux Minesweeper Part 4 - Hooking Redux store up to the UI

React Redux Minesweeper Part 5 - Refactoring and writing tests for our container