Hello, I’m Kevin English

Software Engineer - Specializing in Full Stack Web Development, Backend Development and Agile Software Development

About Kevin English

Kevin on a dragon
Who is Kevin English?

Kevin has over 13 years experience working in the trenches with Ruby on Rails, Phoenix, Elixir, and Javascript.

Notable projects include developing a Fraud Management System and Player Support Tool for Riot Games, building multiple robust API for Janssen Healthcare Innovations, performing a massive data migration for AardvarkSafaris.com, creating home page of Appthority using LocomotiveCMS,. . . and more.

Though currently based in South Lake Tahoe, California, Kevin is a disciplined remote worker, capable of helping clients worldwide. Kevin was active in both SanDiego.js and SDRuby and presented at their meetups while he was located in San Diego.

Kevin earned his MS in Computer Science at University of Hawaii. While in Hawaii, Kevin also taught Ruby on Rails at The Pacific New Media Center.

Around the web

Kevin’s specialty is Ruby on Rails, React.js, Javascript while he dabbles in Phoenix/Elixir on the side. In the past, Kevin has worked with Jquery has detailed familiarity Backbone.js/Marionette. If you have a older project that uses these technologies, Kevin can help you with that.