Building a Baby Age Calculuator with Phoenix/Elixir LiveView

In this article I share how I was able to create a Baby Age Calculator using Phoenix/Elixir LiveView.

If you just want to know how old your child is, jump over to babyweeks.herokuapp.com. If you want to download the source code, goto github.com/monkseal/babyweeks-phx-liveview

Building a Baby Age Calculuator with Phoenix/Elixir LiveView

LiveView - Phoenix/Elixir’s Javascript killer?

As described here and here — “Phoenix LiveView is an exciting new library which enables rich, real-time user experiences with server-rendered HTML. LiveView powered applications are stateful on the server with bidrectional communication via WebSockets, offering a vastly simplified programming model compared to JavaScript alternatives.”

If you don’t want to write Javascript to have a real-time web application, Phoenix LiveView provides an interesting alternative with server-rendered HTML.

Being one to avoid bold pronouments, I won’t commit myself to say that LiveView will deal a death blow to javascript in your app. For one, you may already have a lot Javascript in your app. Maybe some if you even like. However, if you are interested in managing state on the server, LiveView is quite compelling.

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