Software Engineer Interviewing - Part 1 - Intro

This is the intro for my interviewing articles…

For the disgruntled

Attitude is important. Before you start interviewing, you should accept that interviewing is an unfair process. There is no way that a person or a panel of people will be able to determine your true value and potential after a few hours of interviews. Everybody is making a guess.

However, interviewing is a skill. You can improve over time. You should focus on the things that you have direct influence over. You can and should nail those parts.

Let’s say you blew the technical portion of an interview because you didn’t know some concepts or you didn’t reach a desired outcome during an allotted time. This can be explained by one of two frames:

  1. You weren’t qualified for the role. You were in over your head. This job wasn’t a good fit for you.
  2. You didn’t prepare.

Many people may talk themselves into the first frame and ignore the second. That is a mistake. You should always ask yourself when you do not get an offer how you could have prepared better. Don’t just make this a mental exercise. Write it down in a google doc or mac note. Keep a history and refine it.

Before I get into specific recommendations, let’s talk about mindset.

Next Article - Mindset.